Property Insurance Appraisal Updating Services

Duff & Phelps provides annual updating services to corporate and public sector clients around the world.

Once an organization invests in a structured property insurance appraisal program, annual updates offer a cost-effective way to maintain the integrity of insurable value data. Our professionals apply standard construction cost trend factors to appraised building valuations on an annual basis, which:

  • Assume static construction practices

  • Do not consider modifications to the original structure

  • Remain accurate for approximately five to seven years

In addition, we update appraised personal property values using industry-accepted cost trend sources, including:

  • Marshall Valuation Service
  • FM Global's Industrial Cost Trends
  • Jurisdictionally Relevant Consumer and Producer Prices Indices
  • Industry Specific Cost Indices 

Finally, we account for capital acquisitions and retirements through:

  • An on-site visit from one of our professionals

  • Application of client-supplied current-year capital asset activity (additions, disposals and retirements)

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