IT Asset and Inventory Management

As organizations heavily transitioned IT equipment in the early 1990s from a mainframe to a distributed network environment, Duff & Phelps became a pioneer in IT asset inventory tracking and management. The asset proliferation occurred throughout enterprises and across global locations creating a significant tracking and management challenge.

To address the significant gaps in asset visibility, Duff & Phelps developed industry leading IT asset inventory tracking and management services that deliver superior quality in a concise timeframe, with minimal disruption to clients’ operating environments. Our experience encompasses over 1,200 engagements and millions of assets inventoried. Our high quality IT asset inventory data allows clients to improve asset tracking, effectively manage the total cost of technology ownership and efficiently perform inventory audit requirements.

Our services include:

  • Comprehensive and customized project planning utilizing Project Management Professional (PMP®) methodologies;
  • Utilization of tablet technology with our Inventory Reconciliation Insurance Solution (IRIS) inventory software to optimize data integrity;
  • Off-site quality assurance to review every record and validate accuracy;
  • Data delivered in the layout required to populate an IT asset management (ITAM) database or other systems;
  • Reconciliation services to validate the effectiveness of asset tracking procedures (lease files, financial records, software licenses, etc.); and
  • Dynamic barcode inventory methodologies and/or RFID tagging solutions.

Following best practices, we deliver accurate, complete and standardized baseline inventory data. We also associate the data to a unique asset tag number (barcode, RFID, etc.) to ensure a fundamentally sound asset tracking foundation. The results provide support for:

  • Aligning IT asset investment to global business goals;
  • Increasing quality of lifecycle ITAM processes from procurement or lease to retirement;
  • Lowering IT operating costs associated with upgrades, maintenance and more;
  • Improving the utilization of internal resources for higher-end initiatives;
  • Implementing better security protocols around hardware, software and data; and
  • Capital budgeting/forecasting, audit and SOX compliance.
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