eDiscovery, Forensic Technology and Analytics

Duff & Phelps provides independent and objective electronic discovery, computer forensics, data analytics and investigative services.

We offer a variety of technical and analytical services designed to assist clients in managing electronic data. We host data locally and in conformity with Canadian privacy laws. 

The rise in complex, high-stakes litigation and heightened regulatory scrutiny of today’s business environment has increased the need for sophisticated and responsive electronic discovery solutions. We provide independent and objective electronic discovery, computer forensics, data analytics and investigative services to counsel and corporations throughout each phase of the EDRM or an investigation. Our eDiscovery, Forensic Technology and Analytics services in Canada include:

  • Collection, Preservation and Restoration of Electronic Data

  • Review and Production of Electronic Records

  • Computer Forensics and Data Analytics

  • Expert Testimony

  • Project Management

  • Training

You can count on high-quality, cost-effective results for a wide range of matters:


Global Case Studies

High-Stakes Litigation Involving Smart Car Intellectual Property

A smart car startup was being sued for theft of intellectual property by the executive team’s previous employers. The case was unique in that every device in the organization needed to be collected and analyzed to determine which machines and custodians (if any) had access to the previous organization’s intellectual property.

We Delivered*

  • Forensically imaged 230 hard drives beginning on a Friday night and ending Sunday morning
  • Extracted from all devices and processed 10 TB of data into a Relativity workspace that deduplicated down to approximately 2 TB 
  • Structured analytics operations, such as email threading, were utilized as well as conceptual analytics indexes, to document clustering and concept searching

*Complete details of how we successfully managed these cases available upon request

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