Competition Law and Related Litigation Support

Duff & Phelps combines local knowledge and global reach to provide a comprehensive offering of business, financial and investigative services in connection with Canadian competition matters.

Our clients benefit from the whole firm's breadth of experience and expertise. We integrate into each engagement perspectives and experience in mergers and acquisitions, forensic and investigative accounting and business valuations. Our reports reflect a blend of theory, litigation experience, business judgment and real-world perspectives.

Service areas include:


  • Consulting and forensic investigation services in connection with Section 11 orders and other information requests


  • Assistance in connection with Section 100 and 104 applications, including with regard to irreparable harm and adequacy of proposed hold separate agreements;
  • Quantification of efficiencies pursuant to Section 96;
  • Act as a "clean team" in the preparation of responses to information requests where the parties are precluded from preparing a combined response. For example in preparation of an efficiencies analysis;
  • Opinions as to whether a prospective target constitutes a "failing firm"; and
  • Opinions as to viability, from a business perspective, of proposed remedies.

We are often engaged by prospective acquirers at a very early stage in contemplation of an offer to provide preliminary analyses.

Agreements or Arrangements:

  • Quantification of efficiencies pursuant to the Section 96 efficiencies defense in response to a Section 90.1 challenge by the Commissioner

Abuse of Dominant Position:

  • Investigation and expert opinions relating to financial matters pertaining to allocations of abuse of dominant position
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Business Valuation and Appraisals

Duff & Phelps provides valuation and asset appraisal for financial reporting, income tax, investment and risk management purposes.

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