Tax Efficient Structuring

Duff & Phelps tax structuring consultants provide regulatory, operational and technology advice.

An opportunity to restructure an investment management company will often arise when considering business changes affecting products, people or location. It may also arise as a result of reviewing the current operating model or from changes to tax and regulatory regimes. Typically, the goal is to ensure tax, regulatory and operational efficiencies for the group and its shareholders.

Such restructuring will need to be robust from a tax perspective, especially given the current interest by tax authorities in the industry. Likewise, when establishing a new investment management company, there are a number of options to consider and the tax, regulatory and operational issues are paramount.

To ensure a reliable and tax efficient structure, Duff & Phelps will manage the project or provide advice on it. This includes tax, regulatory, operational and technology advice. We analyze the need and impact of restructuring for businesses, advise on jurisdiction choice and maintaining tax integrity in the UK, as well as advising on the provisions in the shareholders’ agreement or LLP deed.

A good example of how we can assist is through helping clients choose between a LLP structure or Ltd company structure in the UK. In addition, Duff & Phelps will work with lawyers and others in ensuring the project is completed on time.

Through our expert advice and project management, you will have a more tax efficient structure for your business.

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