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Anti-Money Laundering and Sanctions

Duff & Phelps provides comprehensive AML support to all financial service firms in the UK and abroad.

Preventing financial crime remains a priority for regulators globally as it is fundamental to protecting both consumers and the integrity of the global financial system. Duff & Phelps has assisted numerous clients globally, in resolving a wide range of AML, terrorist financing and sanctions-related matters. We work with our clients to provide innovative and progressive solutions to build, manage and protect their businesses utilising our team of highly experienced and multi-disciplined professionals.

How Duff & Phelps Can Help

Duff & Phelps’ industry knowledge and expertise has proved critical for many clients, especially during regulatory assessments. Our global team of AML experts have substantial experience in supporting firms with reviewing and establishing appropriate AML, terrorist financing prevention and sanctions systems, processes and controls; in compliance with various regulatory regimes across multiple jurisdictions.

Duff & Phelps provides regulatory consultancy services to a wide range of financial services firms, including trust offices, hedge fund managers, retail wealth managers, private equity firms, institutional brokers, corporate finance advisers, consumer credit firms and banks.

In April 2017, Duff and Phelps was re-confirmed as one of the Skilled Persons on the FCA Skilled Person Panel for Financial Crime (Lot E). Our experienced, multi-disciplinary team can assist you with:

  • Independent Reviews – Conducting reviews of AML and Sanctions frameworks including governance, systems, processes and controls to help explain AML risks, identify areas for improvement and focus remedial action where required
  • Policies and Procedures – Review of policies and procedures to ensure they meet regulatory requirements and industry best practice
  • Risk Assessment – Review and drafting of firm’s AML and Sanctions, customer and country risk assessments, considering key risk factors and aligning to the firm’s risk appetite
  • Regulatory Commissioned Reviews – Conducting regulatory commissioned reviews in the UK, USA, Hong Kong and Channel Islands
  • S166 Support – Providing support to firms during or before s166 reviews
  • Transaction Monitoring – Evaluation of both manual and automated transaction monitoring procedures, systems and controls, ensuring they are fit for purpose and meet regulatory requirements considering the nature, size and complexity of the firm
  • Know Your Customer – Undertaking independent KYC assessment, as well as retrospective CDD/EDD, transactions and SAR reviews, including backlogs remediation
  • Staff Training – Providing training programs to enhance internal AML and Sanctions awareness and culture
  • Regulatory Gap Analysis – Ensuring your AML and sanctions compliance processes meet national and international regulatory requirements
  • Technology Support – Advising on technology solutions
  • Secondments – Providing MLRO / Head of Financial Crime / monitoring / KYC support to the business on a short and long term basis
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