Claire Simm Featured in International Investment Discussing the EU’s Blacklist

Claire Simm, Managing Director in Duff & Phelps’ Compliance and Regulatory Consulting practice, spoke to International Investment about the European Union’s recently-updated list of countries it views as ‘non-cooperative’ on tax, several of which are Caribbean financial centers.

“The EU blacklist may be viewed as coercive rather than co-operative to the offshore world, but it is in fact part of a global process which involves the harmonization of international tax rules and practices to ensure a level playing field is in place for all jurisdictions. Cooperation between the international financial centers of the EU and the Caribbean, as well as the implementation of standards around substance, is an important step in combating harmful tax practices. While the perception in the eyes of those most affected may be that this is coercion, the reality is that it is about the development of a modern, internationally connected financial system in which all players adhere to the same standards," said Claire.

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